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My name is Yossi Arbel, the owner of Home Field Company. I have many and varied qualifications in real-estate and project management. About 18 years ago I have decided to practice this field out of pure love and passion. The thing that excites me and still is, is the creation of a change in houses, which reveals their advantages, makes them look at their best and gives a sense of connection to those entering them. Part of the many things I’ve done over the years includes a purchase of houses in which I identified hidden potential and brought them to be at their best by renovation and intelligent design, which reflected their advantages and made my sale be at a higher price and will be implemented in the shortest time.

What is ower value?

Simultaneously, I accompanied and still do, many people who are in the process of selling or renting their house that feel the need in making changes and adjustment in their homes so they will be able to bring out the best in them and bring good vibes and feeling to the potential buyers. Our company works with a variety of professionals in all relevant fields; Home Staging Designer,  contractors in all aspects, landscape architecture etc. 

I believe in progress and professionality

I use professional photography and an impressive and innovative virtual tour that increases the number of customers who are truly impressed, interesting in coming and seeing the house and by that increasing the exposure for more potential buyers. On a personal note, I would like to share with you what I have learned over the past years in this field – we can achieve our wills and desires by our willingness to do a good planning, to use our imagination and  ofcourse by taking all steps necessary to make the things we want to happen.


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