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A quick explanation why Home Staging Works?

The buyer who comes to your house has a set of logic considerations such as environment and services, number of rooms, price etc. For the first 10-15 seconds inside, the customer builds his first impression which is completely sentimental.

Most of our decisions are sentimental, that is why the first impression is critical for the decision-making process. If the customer doesn’t “feel connected” to the house, or not feeling good with the property, (in most cases this feeling cannot be explained), all logic considerations won’t make him decide that he wants to buy the house, and of course the opposite way around, if the customer will feel good and connected to the house, he will be able to imagine himself and his family already living inside the house.

In case of an empty house, the customer who enters it has no sense of a warm home. People having difficulties to imagine the potential and possibility of living there. In addition, an empty space without furniture gives a feeling of a smaller space. We will decorate the main spaces to give your clients the sense of living potential.

How does it work?

With Home Staging we will identify the necessary changes, place the right furnitures in the right places will create a feeling of space and flow inside your home, dressing the house and adding accessories will add beauty and create a pleasant and homey feeling, all these and other design aspects will give your home a feeling of welcoming home, a brighter house, larger open spaces, a new pleasant and much more inviting.

Remember that after a year or two of residency inside the house, your eye is getting used to the way your house looks and not really can see the house in an objective way as the buyer.
Before we will do home styling for you, we will Mapp the Market your house is addressed to, and we will make the changes accordingly. Of course, in an empty house we have the much freer hand, but still with the budget framework, which defined by you.

You sellers are given the opportunity to do Home Staging or use our experience, knowledge, and professionals to make a major renovation in your house, of course, according to your own needs.

How can it be done?

When you attend to sell your house, your main goal is to get the higher price as fast as possible.
How can it be done? You use Home Staging method. It is a very common method among homeowners in the US, which in recent years, has emerged on Israeli Market, and allows you a proper sell and receive a higher price and much faster, for your home. It has been proven, that 1%-2% investment from the value of your home will exceed the revenue by 3%-6% than offers received prior to the change.

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